The industry's most durable and smoothest operating cut-off saw

Mechanical Cut Off Saw Features

  • CS14M has a 2" x 8" cutting capacity
  • CS18M has the standard 2" x 12" cutting capacity
  • CS18M is also available with an optional 4" x 8" cutting capacity plus the ability to cut material as thin as .5" with a slight saw guard adjustment.
  • No compressed air required which reduces your operating and installation costs.
  • Mechanical eccentric crankshaft design allows the saw to operate smoothly even at our standard fast cycle times.
  • View the Options page for additional accessories.

Crosscut Solutions pack saw is typically integrated with the Tiger Stop Ready System.

  • Two Tiger Stop Systems available for a pack saw application:
    • Tiger Stop Standard Interlocking Kit (SIK) for semi automation
    • Tiger Stop Advanced Interconnect Kit (AIK) for full automation
  • Options typically included in a pack saw system:
    • 4” x 8” cutting capacity and 94 cycles/minute
    • Special guard for automated saws
    • 3” tall fence
    • Feather board
    • Phenolic table insert
    • Tiger Stop GSX
    • Tiger Stop tilt base

Pneumatic Cut Off Saw Features

Foot Switch

  • 110 volt electric foot switch is used instead of pneumatic foot switches.
  • No compressed air consumption.
  • Less maintenance and more reliable than pneumatic foot switches.

Solenoid Pneumatic Valve

  • 110 volt solenoid controlled pneumatic valve.
  • Very reliable and less moving parts than pnuematic controlled valves.
  • The pneumatic mufflers mounted on this valve set are for a maximum cycle speed of 90 cycles per minute. This can easily be changed via the pneumatic mufflers to decrease individually the up and down cycle speeds.
  • This style of valve makes it easy to integrate an automated pusher system to this saw. Every manufacturer of automated pusher systems has their own requirements. As standard equipment on this saw, we have switches for confimation of piston location of the cylinder and a pneumatic solenoid valve for them to connect to for integration to pneumatic this saw.

Pneumatic Cylinder

  • A high quality tie-rod style designed cylinder is used.
  • Pneumatic integrated cushions on the top and bottom of the cylinder. The cushioned cylinder decreases the pounding of the cylinder as it reaches the end of its' stroke. This increases the life of the cylinder. This makes the saw run smoother than normal pneumatic cut off saws which relates to a better quality cut.
  • A large 1" diameter rod is used to increase the longevity of the cylinder.
  • The cylinder is assembled with Magnalub-G Teflon based grease. When lubrication is not used in the FLR, the lief of the cylinder, per the manufacturer, is 50 million strokes. This relates to less time to maintain the operation of this saw.
  • Reed switches are mounted on the top and bottom of the cylinder. The reed switdches read the position of the piston head. These electrical switches are more reliable and require less maintenance than pneumatic switches.

The Tiger Scan system consists of a Crosscut Solutions cut off saw integrated with the Tiger Stop Tiger Scan Laser defecting package.

  • Allows defecting and finish cutting in one step
  • Smooth, accurate, quality cut for windows, doors, furniture parts, flooring etc.
  • Cut lists are entered manually or downloaded from your office PC
  • Non contact laser marking without crayon contamination
  • More economical than most defecting systems
  • Offers defect optimization
  • Defect both sides of the board
  • Label printing for easy sorting
  • Accurate part size
  • Reduces labor



Features of Crosscut Solutions’ Pneumatically Operated Cut-Off Saws

  • Quality pneumatic cylinder– top and bottom pneumatic cylinder cushions for a smooth operation plus a large rod diameter for years of dependable service
  • Easily adjustable cycle speeds– speeds up to 15 strokes per minute
  • Maintenance friendly– easy access for the maintenance personal
  • Electrical foot switch, solenoid valve and reed switches replace air components– to increase reliability while decreasing air consumption and maintenance costs
  • Accurate and quality cut
  • Large capacity– CS18P2x24 has a 2” thick X 24” wide capacity
  • Double palm switch for saw activation - features a double palm switch for saw activation with anti-tie down feature.